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Nikolai Iakovlevich Miaskovskii

Nikolai Miaskovskii, USSR Composer.


  • Miaskovskii, Nikolai was born on April 20, 1881 in near Warsaw.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the School of Military Engineering, 1902. Graduated from the Petersburg Conservatory, 1911. Pupil of N. Rimskii-Korsakov and A. Liadov.


    • Grew up in Orenburg, Kazan’ and Novgorod. First compositions, 1896-1898. In the army, 1914-1918.

      Professor at the Moscow Conservatory from 1926 to the end of his life. Composed many symphonies and works for chamber music ensembles.
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    Born April 20, 1881
    Died August 8, 1950
    (aged 69)