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Gennadii Mikhailovich Michurin

Gennadii Michurin, USSR Actor.


  • Michurin, Gennadii was born on September 3, 1897.

  • Career

    • Actor at the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theatre until 1945. Entered the film industry, 1924. Became famous for his portrayal of Dmitrii Karakozov, the terrorist, in Dvorets i Krepost’.

      Made some 40 films including Moi Syn, 1928, Zolotoi Kliuv, 1929, Goroda i Gody, 1930, and Zakliuchennye, 1936 (all directed by E. V. Cherviakov). Other films include Poet i Tsar and Dekabristy, both 1927.
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    Born September 3, 1897
    Died October 12, 1970
    (aged 73)