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Nikolai Mikhailovich, Grand Duke Romanov

Nikolai Mikhailovich, Grand Duke Romanov, USSR Historian.


  • Romanov, Nikolai Mikhailovich, Grand Duke was born on April 26, 1859.

  • Career

    • On military service, 1884-1903. Became known as a historian, specializing in the early 19th century (2 vol. biography of Aleksander I, biography of Count Stroganov, 3 vol. biography of Empress Elizabeth, wife of Aleksander I). President of the Russian Historical Society, 190917.

      Shot in the Peter and Paul Fortress in Petrograd by the Cheka.


    Religion is bad because it imposes irrational rules of good and bad behaviour.


    Strong communist party can create a new and better society with neither rich nor poor.

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    Born April 26, 1859
    Died January 28, 1919
    (aged 59)