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H’ia Semenovich Ostroukhov

H’ia Ostroukhov, USSR Artist.


  • Ostroukhov, H’ia was born on August 1, 1858 in Moscow.

  • Education

    • Studied with A. Kiselev, 1880, Il’ia Repin, 1881, and V. Polenov in the 1880s.


    • Landscape painter. Also with P. Chistiakov, 1882. Founded the Museum of Painting and Icon-Painting, Moscow. Peredvizhnik from 1891.

      Member of the Union of Russian Artists from 1903. Influenced by his friend I. Levitan. Also a close friend and art adviser to P. Tretiakov.

      A member of the Board of Directors, then head of the Tretiakov Gallery, 1898-1903. Trustee of the same gallery from 1905-1913. Major collector of Russian icons (after 1918 his collection was nationalized by the Soviet government).

      Appointed keeper of his own collection, which became a part of the Tretiakov Gallery after his death. Personal exhibition: Jubilee, Moscow, 1925.
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    Born August 1, 1858
    Died July 8, 1929
    (aged 70)