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Eduard Karlovich Pekarskii

Eduard Pekarskii, USSR Linguist, ethnologist, folklorist.


  • Pekarskii, Eduard was born on October 25, 1858 in the Igumenskii district, now the Chervenskii region of Minsk Oblast’.

  • Education

    • Studied at the Khar’kov Veterinary Institute, 1877-1878.


    • Joined the populists. Joined the expedition to East Siberia, 1894-1896, and the Aiano-Nel’kanskaia expedition, 1903. With the help of the Academy of Sciences, returned to Petersburg, 1905.

      Editor of the periodical Zhivaia Starina, 1914-1917. In his last years, worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies. Edited Obraztsy Narodnoi Literatury Iakutov.
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    Died June 29, 1934
    (aged 75)