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Pavel Petrovich Petrov-Bytov

Pavel Petrov-Bytov, USSR Film director.


  • Petrov-Bytov, Pavel was born on February 23, 1895 in the village of Bogorodskoe (now Bogorodsk) in Gorkii Oblast’.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Petrozavodsk Theatrical Studio, 1921.


    • Attended lectures at the Communist Academy of Literature, Art and Language, 1931-1933. Worked at Sevzapkino (now Lenfilm Studio) from 1924. First film, 1924. Other films: Kain i Artem (after M. Gorkii), Chudo, 1934, and Pugachev, 1937.

      In the post-war years, was completely forgotten as a film-maker. Worked for the Leningrad Studio of Popular Scientific Films. Rediscovered during the late 1960s.
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    Died October 26, 1960
    (aged 65)