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Ivan Il’ich Petrunkevich

Ivan Petrunkevich, USSR Politician.


  • Petrunkevich, Ivan was born in 1842 in Pliske, Chernigov Gouvernement.

  • Education

    • Graduated in law from Petersburg University, 1866.


    • Well-known local government (zemstvo) figure. Liberal politician, organizer and chairman of the Union of Liberation (Soiuz Osvobozhdeniia), 1904. One of the founders and leaders, and later the father figure, of the Cadet Party.

      Chairman of the Central Committee of the Cadet Party, 1909-1915. Editor of the Cadet newspaper Rechi'. Deputy of the 1st Duma.

      Signed the Vyborg manifesto. After the Bolshevik takeover 1917, escaped arrest by moving to the Crimea (Gaspra). Emigrated, 1918. Settled in Czechoslovakia.

      Published memoirs: Iz Zapisok Obshchestvennogo Deiatelia.
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    Died 1928
    (aged 86)