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Grigorii Stepanovich Pirogov

Grigorii Pirogov, USSR Singer (bass).


  • Pirogov, Grigorii was born on January 24, 1885 in the village of Novosel’, now in Riazan’ Oblast’.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Music and Drama School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, 1908. Pupil of M. E. Medvedev and L. D. Donskoi.


    • Elder brother of Aleksandr Pirogov. In the same year, appeared with a private company in Rostovon-Don, and with the Mariinskii Theatre in Petersburg, 1909. Soloist with the Bolshoi Theatre, 1910-1920.

      Afterwards appeared in many towns in the USSR and abroad. Popular as a concert singer.
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    Died February 20, 1931
    (aged 46)