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Aleksei Fedorovich Podkovyrov

Aleksei Podkovyrov, USSR Artist.


  • Podkovyrov, Aleksei was born in 1899 in Tashkent.

  • Education

    • Studied at the studio of N.V.Rozanov, Tashkent, 1925-1928, and at the N.Seliverstov Art School, Penza, 1928-1929, under I.S.Goriushin-Sorokopudov and N.F.Petrov.


    • Portrait, landscape and genre painter. Exhibited regularly from 1934 in Tashkent and Moscow. Posthumous exhibition of his work held in Alma-Ata, 1959.
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    Born 1899
    Died 1957
    (aged 58)