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Sergei Poliakov

Sergei Poliakov, USSR Artist, guitarist.


  • Poliakov, Sergei was born in 1900 in Moscow into a middle-class family.

  • Education

    • Studied art at art schools and academies in Paris.


    • Emigrated, 1923. Settled in Paris. Earned his living at night clubs as a guitarist. Acted in films as a musician.

      Worked at art schools in London (Chelsea and the Slade School), 1935-1937. First exhibition in Paris, 1931. Returned to Paris, 1937.

      Met Kandinskii and Delaunay, 1938. Abstract painter, later influenced by Malevich. Worked in colour lithography.

      Praised by critics for his remarkable use of colour. Kandinskii Award, 1947. Exhibitions in Brussels, New York, Venice.

      Major posthumous exhibition in Paris, 1969.
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    Born 1900
    Died 1969
    (aged 69)