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Valerian Pavlovich Pravdukhin

Valerian Pravdukhin, USSR Author.


  • Pravdukhin, Valerian was born on February 2, 1892 in a Cossack village near Orenburg.

  • Education

    • Educated at Shaniavskii University, 1914-1917.


    • Married the writer L. Seifullina. In 1921, one of the organizers of the Novosibirsk magazine Sibirskie Ogni, which became known in the 1920s for its independent stance. Wrote the play Virineia with Seifullina.

      In the late 1920s, wrote stories about hunting and Siberian nature. Perished in the Gulag. Posthumously rehabilitated.
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    Born February 2, 1892
    Died July 15, 1939
    (aged 47)