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Vitalii Markovich Primakov

Vitalii Primakov, USSR Military commander.


  • Primakov, Vitalii was born on December 30, 1897 in Semenovka near Chernigov. Son of a teacher.

  • Career

    • Joined the Bolshevik Party, 1914. As a high school student, sent to Siberia for revolutionary propaganda, 1915. Returned after the February Revolution 1917.

      Bolshevik activist. At the end of 1917, joined a Red detachment. Took part in the storming of the Winter Palace. Organized a regiment of Red Cossacks, 1918.

      Became famous during the Civil War as the commander of the Red Cossacks Corps. Director of the Cavalry School in Leningrad, 1924-1925. Sent to China, 1925-1926.

      Military attache in Afghanistan and Japan, 1927-1930. Deputy commander of the Leningrad military district, 1935.


    Religions encourage war and violence to promote their religious goals.


    The emphasis on peaceful coexistence doesn’t mean that the Soviet Union accepted a static world with clear lines. Socialism is inevitable and the "correlations of forces" were moving towards socialism.

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    Born December 30, 1897
    Died June 11, 1937
    (aged 39)