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Oskar Iakovlevich Rabin

Oskar RABIN, painter, now working ‘underground’.


  • Rabin, Oskar was born in 1928 in Moscow.

  • Education

    • Of Surikov Art Institute, Moscow.


    • in Cheremushki, outside Moscow and organized by son (both officially bulldozed) 1974; “Twenty Russian Artists”, Moscow (Bee-keeping Pavilion, VDNKh) 1975; forced to emigrate 1977; now lives in Paris; “Unofficial Art in the Soviet Union”, London 1977; other exhibitions in Federation Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland, USA (Chicago), Tbilisi, Denmark. Teacher Yevgeny Kropovnitsky. Worked in Riga 1946-1948. Thereafter student of Surikov Art Institute, Moscow.

      Later expelled for unorthodox views. Worked until 1958 as loader on railways and on construction sites, painting clandestinely. Employed in arts & design centre 1958-1967.

      Since 1967 has devoted himself exclusively to painting. Moving spirit of Leonozovo group in Moscow. Exhibited in “Festival of Youth” Exhibition, Moscow 1957.

      Oneman show Grosvenor Gallery, London 1965. Two open-air; organized by son (both officially bulldozed) 1974. “Twenty Russian Artists”, Moscow (Bee-keeping Pavilion, VDNKh) 1975.

      Forced to emigrate 1977. Now lives in Paris; “Unofficial Art in the Soviet Union”, London 1977.


    • Memoirs


    • Married Valentina Kropovnitsky.
    • spouse: Valentina
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