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Nikolai Ivanovich Ivanovich Ryzhkov

Nikolai RYZHKOV, iet party economist. Order of Lenin (twice); Order of Red Banner of Labour (twice) and other decorations. CPSU since 1956; Central Committee CPSU in charge of Heavy Industry since 1981; Secretary CPSU 1982-1985, member Politburo 90; CPSU Central Committee.


  • RYZHKOV, Nikolai was born on September 28, 1929 in Donetz.

  • Education

    • Graduate, Uralsk Polytechnic Institute, Sverdlovsk, 1959.


    • Started work as a shop steward at the Ordzhonikidze heavy machinery plant in the Urals, where he rose through the ranks. Chief welder, 1959-1965, chief engineer, 1965-1970, director of the plant, 1970-1971. Head of the Uralmash production association, 1971-1975.

      1st Deputy Minister of Heavy Machinery and Transport Equipment Construction, 1975. 1st deputy chairman of GOSPLAN, 1979-1982. Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1981,

      secretary of the Central Committee, 1982, head of a department of the Central Committee, 1982-1985.

      Member of the Politburo, April 1985. Head of Soviet government (after the reluctant retirement of one of the last survivors of the Brezhnev era, Tikhonov), Sep. 1985. An active member of the Gorbachev leadership, connected with glasnost and perestroika.


    CPSU since 1956; Central Committee CPSU in charge of Heavy Industry since 1981. Secretary CPSU 1982-1985, member Politburo 90. CPSU Central Committee.
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    Born September 28, 1929


    Alexandra Remova

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