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Nikolai Semenovich Samokish

Nikolai Samokish, USSR Artist.


  • Samokish, Nikolai was born on October 25, 1860 in Nezhin.

  • Education

    • Pupil of R.Tsybulskii in Nezhin. Studied at the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1879-1885, under B.Villevalde, and at the Paris Academy of Arts, 1885-1886. Pupil of the battle painter E. Detail.


    • Battle painter. Professor at the Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1912. Dean of the battle painting department from 1913. Book illustrator. Exhibited from 1887.

      Personal exhibitions: Kharkov, Kiev, Simferopol’, 1940, the Jubilee Exhibition, Moscow, 1941, Simferopol’, 1957.
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    Born October 25, 1860
    Died January 18, 1944
    (aged 83)