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Konstantin Solomonovich Saradzhev

Konstantin Saradzhev, USSR Conductor. Real name: Saradzhian.


  • Saradzhev, Konstantin was born on October 9, 1877 in Derbent.

  • Education

    • Pupil of A. Nikish.


    • Founder, with V. Derzhanovskii, of the Vechera Sovremennoi Musyki in Moscow, 1909. Professor at the Moscow Conservatory, 1922-1935. His many famous pupils included Leo Ginzburg, B. Khaikin and M. Paverman.

      Chief conductor of the Erevan Opera and Ballet Theatre, 1935-1940.
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    Born October 9, 1877
    Died July 22, 1954
    (aged 76)