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Svetlana Evgen’evna Savitskaia

Svetlana Savitskaia, USSR Cosmonaut.


  • Savitskaia, Svetlana was born in 1948. Daughter of Marshal E.Savitskii.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Moscow Ordzhonikidze Aviation Institute, 1972.


    • Champion pilot (18 world records). Joined the Communist Party, 1975. Test pilot, 1976. Cosmonaut, 1980.

      First woman to step out into space, 25 July 1984 (3 hours 35 minutes test programme). Twice Hero of the Soviet Union.


    Religious moral codes pervert people outside their group as less moral. Thus, religion is socially divisive and its effect is harmful for society.


    The role of the individual as a member of a collective is more important than the individual.

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    Born 1948
    (age 69)