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Iulia Nikolaevna Sedova

Iulia Sedova, USSR Ballerina.


  • Sedova, Iulia was born on March 21, 1880 in Petersburg.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School. Pupil of E. Cecchetti.


    • With the Mariinskii Theatre, 1898-1911 and 1914-1916. Appeared in productions of M. I. Petipa. Successful character dancer.

      With the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, 1904-1905. Appeared in guest performances in Europe and the USA, 1911-1914 (her partner was M. Mordkin). Emigrated. Lived in France from 1918.

      Worked as a choreographer and teacher. Directed a school of dancing in Nice.
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    Born March 21, 1880
    Died November 23, 1969
    (aged 89)