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Galina Iosifovna Serebriakova

Galina Serebriakova, USSR Author.


  • Serebriakova, Galina was born on December 20, 1905 in Kiev.

  • Career

    • Took part in the Civil War, 1918-1922. Joined the Bolshevik Party at the age of 15. In 1925, graduated from Moscow University in medicine.

      First work published in 1925. Main work: Prometei, a 3- volume biographical novel about Karl Marx. In 1936, arrested and sent to the Gulag.

      Spent 20 years in prisons, camps and in exile. After Stalin’s death, rehabilitated. Returned to Moscow in 1956.

      Remained a staunch communist.
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    Born December 20, 1905
    Died 1980
    (aged 74)