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Maksim Vladimirovich Sergievskii

Maksim Sergievskii, USSR Philologist.


  • Sergievskii, Maksim was born on October 25, 1892 in Moscow.

  • Career

    • In 1916, graduated from Moscow University. International authority on gypsies and a specialist on the gypsy language. Professor of romance languages, 1925-1946, at Moscow University.

      Member of the British Gypsy Lore Society. Many works on the subject. Main work: Istoria Frantsuzskogo lazyka, 1938.


    Religion is bad because it makes people base the way they run their lives on a falsehood.


    Individuals have rights to express freedom if it safeguarde the interests of a collective.

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    Born October 25, 1892
    Died June 20, 1946
    (aged 53)