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Mikhail Filippovich Shatrov

Mikhail Shatrov, USSR Playwright.


  • Shatrov, Mikhail was born in 1932.

  • Career

    • Prominent playwright. Specialized in historico-revolutionary subjects. His first success in the early 1960s was Imenem Revoliulsii.

      His play Shestoe Julia, 1964, was made into a film in 1968. Так Pobedim was produced by the Moscow Arts Theatre in 1982 (State Prize, 1983). Increased his output after Gorbachev took office, and became his close friend.

      Within 3 years wrote and produced 3 plays, Diktalura Sovesti, Brestskii Mir and Da Г she. Dal'she.. Dal'- she (Further. Further.. Further) which depict the days before, during and soon after the October Revolution 1917, and feature the previously unmentionable personalities of Trotsky, Zinov’ev and Bukharin.

      The premiere was attended by all members of the Politburo, headed by the General Secretary, Gorbachev. Further.. appeared in January 1988 in the magazine Znamia, and immediately became the cause of a great controversy in the press. One of the bestknown playwrights in the Soviet Union at present.
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    Born March 3, 1932


    Alexandra Remova

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