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Aleksei Viktorovich Shchusev

Aleksei Shchusev, USSR Architect. Member of the USSR Academy of Architecture, 1939.


  • Shchusev, Aleksei was born in 1873 in Petersburg, and studied at the Petersburg Academy of Arts.

  • Career

    • In 1910, academician. Became Stalin’s chief architect (the Soviet Albert Speer), responsible for the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow, 1925-1930, the Магх-Engels Institute in Tiflis (Georgia), the theatre on Mayakovsky Square, the Hotel Moskva and the Komsomolskaia-Kol’tsevaia metro station. Father-figure of socialist realism in Soviet architecture.

      His early pre-Stalinist work is outstanding: for example, the Kazanskii Vokzal, one of the busiest central railway terminals in the USSR, constructed during 1913-1926, in 17thcentury style. All his Stalinist-period buildings combine classical and Georgian styles. Awarded the Stalin Prize.


    Member of the USSR Academy of Architecture, 1939.
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    Born 1873
    Died 1949
    (aged 76)