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Vissarion Yakovlevich SHEBALIN

Vissarion SHEBALIN, USSR Composer. Doctor of Arts since 1941; Professor, Moscow Conservatory, since 1951; board member, USSR Union of Composers; Deputy Chairman, Moscow, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Union of Composers, since 1959; Popular Artist Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1957. Order of Lenin, 1946; Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1944; Stalin Prizes, 1943, 1947.


  • SHEBALIN, Vissarion was born on June 11, 1902 in Omsk.

  • Education

    • Studied at the Omsk Music School, 1920-1923, pupil of M. Nevitov. Graduated with distinction, 1928. Pupil of N. Miaskovskii.


    • 1923-1929 taught at Stasov, Rimsky-Korsakov and October Revol Technicums in Moscow. 1928-1932 lecturer, 1932-1935 associate professor, from 1935 professor, 1942-1948 director, Moscow Conservatory. 1948-1951 senior lecturer, from 1949 head of a chair, Institute of Military Conductors.

      From 1958 member, Org Committee, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Composers’ Union. From 1959 bd member, USSR Composers’ Union. And deputy chairman, Moscow Branch, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Composers' Union.

      Member, Association of Modern Music and Russian Association of Proletarian Musicians. 1948 accused in All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Central Committee resolution of “formalism” and “anti-democratic trends” in his music. 1959 this accusation was quashed by a further Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee resolution.

      Deputy, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet of 1947 convocation.
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    Born June 11, 1902
    Died May 29, 1963
    (aged 60)


    Alexandra Remova

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