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Grigorii Mikhailovich Shegal’

Grigorii Shegal’, USSR Artist.


  • Shegal’, Grigorii was born in 1889.

  • Education

    • Studied at one of the art schools of the Society for the Encouragement of Art, 1912-1916, under Nikolai Roerich, A.Rylov and F.Bukhgolts, then at the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1917-1918, under B.Beliaev, I.Tvorozhnikov and A.Makovskii, also at the VKHUTEMAS, Moscow, 1922-1924, under A.Shevchenko.


    • Genre, landscape and historical painter. Exhibited from 1926 in Moscow. Personal exhibitions: 1935, 1949, Moscow.

      (posthumously) 1958, Moscow.
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    Born 1889
    Died 1956
    (aged 67)