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Isai Ezrovich Sherman

Isai Sherman, USSR Conductor.


  • Sherman, Isai was born on June 11, 1908 in Kiev.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory, 1931. Pupil of A. Gauk.


    • Conductor at the Leningrad Malyi Theatre, 1930-1937 and 1945-1949. Conductor at the Kirov Theatre. 1937-1945. From 1957-1967, conductor in Kazan’, Gorkii, and Petrozavodsk.

      Taught at the Leningrad, Kazan’ and Gorkii conservatories.
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    Born June 11, 1908
    Died June 13, 1972
    (aged 64)