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Iegoshua Moiseevich Shlugleit

Iegoshua Moiseevich Shlugleit, USSR Artist. Landscape painter.


  • Shlugleit, Iegoshua Moiseevich was born in 1875 in Odessa.

  • Education

    • Studied at the Odessa Society of Fine Arts, then the Petersburg Society of Arts, 1895-1901. Pupil ofll’iaRepin.


    • Began exhibiting in 1898. Exhibitions: Spring Exhibitions at the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, 1898—1902,1904-1912,1914, MOLKH, 190104 1908-1911, St. Petersburg Society of Artists, 1905-1914, the Society of Water-Colour Artists, St. Petersburg, 1909, the Association of Artists, 1912, 1914. His last-known picture was purchased in 1927 by the Moscow Rumiantsev Museum (now part of the Tretiakov Gallery).
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    Born 1875
    Died 1926
    (aged 51)