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Anatolii Sergeevich Shteiger

Anatolii Shteiger, USSR Poet, journalist.


  • Shteiger, Anatolii was born on July 7, 1907 in Kiev Gouvernement.

  • Career

    • Emigrated with his parents in the 1920s. Lived in Constantinople, Prague and Paris. Joined the mladorossy in the 1930s.

      Worked as a journalist during World War II in Switzerland fighting against the Nazis, who attacked him in their newspapers. Just before his death, finished his last book, Dvazhdy Dva-Chetyre, which was published in 1950 by S. K. Makovskii’s Rifma, a small publishing house in Paris.
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    Born July 7, 1907
    Died 1949
    (aged 41)