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Georges Skibine

Georges Skibine, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer.


  • Skibine, Georges was born on January 30, 1920 in Yasnaia Poliana.

  • Education

    • Pupil of Olga Preobrazhenskaia and Serge Lifar.


    • Emigrated. Debut in Paris as a cabaret dancer. With the Ballet de Monte Carlo, 1938, the Original Ballet Russe, 1940, the Ballet Theatre, 1941-1942, the company of A. Markova and A. Dolin, 1946, and the Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas, 1947-1956. Leading dancer in ballets by M. Fokin and L. Massine.

      Produced several ballets for the Cuevas company, 1948-1955. Star of the Paris Opera, 1957-1962, and chief choreographer with the company, 1958-1961. Artistic director of the Harkness Ballet, New York, 1964-1966.

      In these years produced Bacchus and Ariadne by Albert Roussel, 1964, Fire Bird, 1967, Bandar Log, 1969, and Carmina Burana, 1970.
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    Born January 30, 1920