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Iulia Ippolitovna Solntseva

Iulia Solntseva, USSR Actress, director.


  • Solntseva, Iulia was born on August 7, 1901.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the State Institute of Musical Drama, 1922.


    • Her major acting part was Aelita, 1924. Other films as an actress include Papirosnitsa Iz Mossel’proma, 1924, and Zemlia, 1930. Married A. Dovzhenko, and assisted him and co-directed his films until his death.

      Filmed, using Dovzhenko’s scripts, Poema о More, 1958, and Povesl' Plamennykh Let, 1961. In 1971, made a film about Dovzhenko, Zolotye Vorota.
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    Born August 7, 1901