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Iurii Filippovich Solov’ev

Iurii Solov’ev, USSR Politician.


  • Solov’ev, Iurii was born on August 20, 1925.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Leningrad Engineering Institute of Rail Transport, 1951.


    • Served in the Soviet Army, 1943-1944. Began as a shift supervisor, and later became a section chief, chief engineer, and administration chief during the construction of the Leningrad subway, 1951-1973. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Leningrad City Soviet, 1973-1974.

      Secretary of Leningrad Oblast’ Committee, 1974-1975. 1st Secretary of Leningrad Gorkom, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 197884. USSR Minister for Industrial Construction, 1984-1985.

      1st Secretary of Leningrad Obkom, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, from 6 July 1985. Elected to the Politburo on 6 March 1986. Member of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet from 19 June 1986.
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    Born August 20, 1925