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Konstantin Andreevich Somov

Konstantin Somov, USSR Artist.


  • Somov, Konstantin was born on November 30, 1869 in St. Petersburg. Son of Andrei Somov, editor of Vestnik Iziashchnykh Iskusstv.

  • Education

    • Studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1888-1897, in 1894, under Repin, also studied at the Paris Academy, 1897.


    • One of the founders of the Mir Iskusstva group. Corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1913. Professor, 1918. In 1923, emigrated to France.

      Influenced by modernist German and British graphical artists, also by the Rococo style and the Venetian school. Became very famous for his erotic illustrations, such as Kniga Markizy.
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    Born November 30, 1869
    Died May 6, 1939
    (aged 69)