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Nikolai Mikhailovich Strel'nikov

Nikolai Strel'nikov, Composer, conductor, music critic.


  • Strel'nikov, Nikolai was born on May 14, 1888 in Petersburg.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Petersburg Law School, 1909. Studied composition under A.Zhitomirskii from 1909.


    • Lectured and taught at the Narkompros from October 1917. Directed the Concert Department of the Philharmonic 1921-1922. Musical director and conductor with the Leningrad TIUZ (Teatr Iunogo Zritelia).

      Composed operas, also worked in other genres. His main activity was that of music critic.
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    Born May 14, 1888
    Died April 12, 1939
    (aged 51)