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Sergei Iur’evich Sudeikin

Sergei Sudeikin, USSR Artist, theatrical designer.


  • Sudeikin, Sergei was born on March 19, 1882 in Smolensk.

  • Career

    • Trained at the Moscow School of Art and Architecture, 1897-1909, under K. Korovin, and at the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1909-1910. Began his career as a theatrical designer at the studio of K. Stanislavskii and V. Meyerhold in Povarskaia Street, Moscow, and with the theatre of V. Komissarzhevskaia in Petersburg. Worked with producers such as F. Komissarzhevskii, A. Tairov, N. Evreinov and Iu.

      Ozarovskii. Drawn to stylized theatre. Emigrated to Paris in 1921. Moved to New York, 1923.

      In the USA, designed mainly for ballet in collaboration with the choreographers A. Bolm, G. Balanchine, B. Nizhinskaia, M. Mordkin and M. Fokin. Designed the ballet Feia Kukol(performed by Anna Pavlova’s company in 1923). In New York, reached the Metropolitan Opera with Petrushka, 1925.
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    Born March 19, 1882
    Died August 12, 1946
    (aged 64)