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Aleksei Ivanovich Svirskii

Aleksei Svirskii, USSR Author.


  • Svirskii, Aleksei was born on October 8, 1865.

  • Career

    • Probably born in Zhitomir in the Ukraine into a poor Jewish workingclass family. Lost his parents and became a homeless child wandering around the country. Began writing about his adventures in 1892.

      First story published in 1893 -Rostovskie Trushchoby (Rostov’s Slums). V Stenakh Tiur’my (Inside a Prison) was about his imprisonment as a thief in 1894. Evreiskie Rasskazy and Deti Ulitsy were published in 1909.

      The heroes of his books are drunkards, thieves and prostitutes. Other books: Istoriia Moei Zhizni (Story of My Life), 1929-1934, 2nd reprint in 1940.
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    Born October 8, 1865
    Died February 6, 1942
    (aged 76)