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Tamara Artemovna Petrosian

Tamara Petrosian, USSR Ballerina, choreographer, singer.


  • Petrosian, Tamara was born on March 29, 1906 in Fergana. Daughter of a worker.

  • Education

    • Pupil of A. Kamilov.


    • Stage debut, 1919. Trained at the Lunacharskii Technical Theatre School, 1923-1924. Appeared with theSverdlov Russian Opera, Tashkent, 1921-1925, and at the World Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, 1925. Took part with M. Kari-Iakubov and others in the organization of the first Uzbek Theatre of Musical Drama, 1923, in Samarkand (at Tashkent from 1931).

      Worked there till 1934. Organized the ballet school attached to the Uzbek Theatre of Musical Drama (the Tamara Khanum Ballet School from 1935). Took part in the World Festival of Folk Dancing, London, 1935.

      With the Uzbek Philharmonic from 1936. Guest appearances in many towns in the USSR and abroad. Reformed the style of Uzbek female dancing, and created the genre of song-mime miniatures.

      Producer as well as dancer. Stalin Prize, 1941.
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    Born March 29, 1906