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Iosif Mikhailovich Terelia

Iosif Terelia, USSR Dissident.


  • Terelia, Iosif was born in 1943.

  • Career

    • Human rights and nationalist activist in the Ukraine. Arrested 1962, sentenced to 4 years in prison. Escaped from Uzhgorod prison, 1963, caught and sentenced to 5 years.

      Escaped from the labour camp, 1965. Re-arrested, March 1966 and sentenced to 8 years for Ukrainian nationalism. In 1972, certified insane by the Serbskii Institute.

      Imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals, 1972-1976. Re-arrested 1976, soon released, but re-arrested, 1977, and again held in a psychiatric hospital. Known for his radical nationalism.

      Released and allowed to go abroad, Sep. 1987. Settled in Canada.
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    Born 1943
    (age 74)