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Vasilii Dmitrievich Tikhomirov

Vasilii Tikhomirov, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher.


  • Tikhomirov, Vasilii was born on March 29, 1876 in Moscow.

  • Education

    • Studied at the Moscow Theatre School, 1886-1891. Pupil ofl. Graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School, 1893. Pupil of P. Gerdt and P. Karsavin.


    • Ermolov. Soloist from 1893, and choreographer from 1913 with the Bolshoi Theatre. Artistic director there, 1925-1930. Permanent partner of E. Gel’tser.

      Taught at the Moscow Theatre School from 1896. Artistic director, 1917-1931. Among his pupils were M. Mordkin and V. Kriger.

      Retired, 1935.
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    Born March 29, 1876
    Died June 20, 1956
    (aged 80)