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Nikolai Gur’evich Tolmachev

Nikolai Tolmachev, USSR Political officer.


  • Tolmachev, Nikolai was born in 1895.

  • Career

    • Joined the Bolshevik Party, 1913, and the Red Army, 1918. One of the first Bolshevik political commissars in the armed forces. Insisted on the creation of political (control) departments in all detachments of the Red Army and initiated the specialized education of political commissars.

      During a battle near Petrograd, when he was seriously wounded and surrounded by the Whites, he shot himself.


    As long as the public believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering.


    Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the guiding force of all socialist countries, and the nucleus of their political system.

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    Born 1895
    Died 1919
    (aged 24)