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Evgenii Iakovlevich Urbanskii

Evgenii Urbanskii, USSR Film actor.


  • Urbanskii, Evgenii was born on February 27, 1932.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the MKHAT Studio School, 1957.


    • Joined the Moscow Stanislavskii Drama Theatre. Entrusted with the leading role in Iu. Raizman’s film Kommunist, 1958.

      Became a celebrity for his 2 Films - The Ballad of a Soldier (director, G. Chukhrai), in which he played the minor but unforgettable part of a war-invalid, and The Letter That Was Never Sent (Neotpravlennoe Pis’mo), 1960 (directed by M. Kalatozov). Became a national hero when he appeared in Chukhrai’s anti-Stalinist Film Chistoe Nebo (The Clear Skies), 1961. In 1968, E. Stashevskaia-Naroditskaia made a Film about him.
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    Born February 27, 1932
    Died November 5, 1965
    (aged 33)