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Oleg Mikhailovich Vinogradov

Oleg VINOGRADOV, ballet master. State Prize 1970 for Kazhlaev’s Goryanka.


  • Vinogradov, Oleg was born on August 1, 1937 in Leningrad.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School, 1958. Pupil of A. Pushkin.


    • Useless Precaution (Herold) 1971, Coppelia 1973, Yaroslavna (by Tishchenko) 1974, The Ballad of a Hussar (Khrennikov), The Government Inspector, The Battleship Potemkin (A. Chaikovsky), Behests of the Past 1983. Danced with the Novosibirsk Theatre. From 1963, assistant choreographer with the same theatre. Chief choreographer of the Leningrad Malyi Theatre, 1973-1977.

      Choreographer, 1967-1972, and chief choreographer, 1977 onwards, of the Kirov Ballet Theatre. Later became principal choreographer of the same theatrei Staged numerous ballet productions with his company at home and abroad.
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    Born August 1, 1937



    Olga Borisik

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