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Georgii Fedorovich Zakharov

Georgii Zakharov, USSR General.


  • Zakharov, Georgii was born in 1897.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Frunze Military Academy, 1933.


    • Took part in World War I and the Civil War. In the Red Army from 1919. Distinguished service during World War II (Deputy Commander of the Stalingrad front, later in the North Caucasus, Ukraine and Belorussia).

      After World War II, head of the Vystrel Courses and active in the military training system.


    Religion doesn't give equal treatment to women and therefore contradicts basic human rights.


    Communist party could initiate policies in the name of the society because it knows what the best is for its progress and development.

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    Born 1897
    Died 1957
    (aged 60)