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Vasilii Vasil’evich Zenkovskii

Vasilii Zenkovskii, USSR Philosopher, psychologist, theologian; Archpriest.


  • Zenkovskii, Vasilii was born on July 4, 1881 in Proskurov. Son of a headmaster.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Kiev University, 1909.


    • Professor of psychology at Kiev University, 1915-1919. Under Hetman Skoropadsky during the Civil War, Ukrainian Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs. Left Russia in 1919. Professor of philosophy and theology at Belgrade University, 1920-1923.

      Director of the Pedagogical Institute in Prague, 1923-1926. Professor of philosophy at the St. Sergius Theological Institute in Paris, 1926-1962. Priest, 1942. Doctor of theology, 1948.

      One of the best-known representatives of Russian Orthodoxy in the West. Active in youth work among Russian emigres.
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    Born July 4, 1881
    Died August 5, 1962
    (aged 81)