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Sergei Aleksandrovich Zhebelev

Sergei Zhebelev, USSR Historian, archaeologist.


  • Zhebelev, Sergei was born on September 22, 1867 in Petersburg.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Petersburg University, 1890.


    • Specialist in classical antiquity. Professor at the University, 1904-1927. Wrote a classical introduction to archaeology, 2 vols, 1923, and many monographs on historical and archeological subjects.

      Translated Plato, Aristotle, and other classical thinkers. Directed archaeological research near the north coast of the Black Sea. Academician, 1927.


    Major religious moral codes dehumanise individuals outside their group as less worthy. Results can vary from discrimination to genocide.


    Individuals have rights to express freedom if it safeguarde the interests of a collective.

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    Born September 22, 1867
    Died December 28, 1941
    (aged 74)