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Ivan Ivanovich Zubkov

Ivan Zubkov, USSR Artist.


  • Zubkov, Ivan was born in 1883 in Russia.

  • Education

    • Studied film-making in Moscow.


    • Miniature painter. A Palekh master. A member of the team which decorated the Leningrad Pioneer Palace. Exhibitions: The Art of Palekh, Moscow, 1932.

      Folk Art, Moscow, 1937. Worked in papiermache. Made many Palekh miniature objets d’art. Zubovich, Boris, Baron (de Zoubovitch, Bob) 1899-.

      Film director, cameraman. Both his parents came from the Baltic provinces. Left Russia, 1923 and moved to France. Settled in Paris. Cameraman for 20th Century Fox, 1944-1945.

      Took part in the filming of the liberation of Paris, 1944. Turned to directing and became a famous animator. His puppet Films -Le Briquet Magique and Au Clair de la Lune -are regarded as masterpieces of French cinema.

      Operated some 300 puppets. Opened his own puppet film studio in the 1960s. Lives near Paris.
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    Born 1883
    Died 1938
    (aged 55)