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Marguerite Caprice Anderson


  • Marguerite C. Anderson was born on March 14, 1971. Daughter of Samuel J.AA Anderson and Dolores Avalina E. Rhodd. At a very early age, she went to live at the home of her paternal grandmother who was an educator. Her paternal grandmother, Zipporah Gwendolyn Edwards, made such an impact on her life that Mrguerite decided, at a tender age, that teaching would be the profession she would embark on for herself.

  • Education

    • First schooling was received at Peniel Basic in the community of Water House. The school is located on the same property as the family's home. Marguerite's grandmother Zipporah Edwards is the founder and was the principal at the time. The school still exists and has remained a family-operated institution. Marguerite attended Balmagie Primary School in her hometown and after her success in the Common Entrance Examination, she was awarded a place at the prestigious, Wolmer's High School for Girls. She attended Shortwood Teachers' College at the end of her high school years and having concluded her studies in Secondary Education, majoring in Linguistics and Literature, she entered the classroom at age twenty one.


    • Educator, Actor, Singer, Performing Arts Director, Choir Director, Drama teacher, Script Writer, Poet, Journalist, Editor


    • Jamaica Teachers' Association , Jamaica


    • Jamaes Arthur Rhodd is the maternal grandfather of Marguerite Anderson. Although Marguerite was raised by her paternal grandmother, she recounts the many stories told to her by her mother (Avalina), of the RHODD family which Marguerite knew little about. What she did learn is that the Rhodd name has produced generations of educators and hence her desire to become a teacher seemed to have been a result of more than just her grandmother's impact on her life but also due to something inherent.


    • A Cultural Awakening
    • Marguerite Anderson, Coordinator of RGHS's Performing Arts Club and David Bowen, TCI's Cultural Director work in concert to revive culture in North Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands.

    Marguerite Anderson
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    Marguerite Anderson

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