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Manoel De Oliveira Lima

Manoel De Oliveira Lima, Brazilian diplomat, publicist.


  • Lima, Manoel De Oliveira was born on December 25, 1867 in Pernambuco, Brazil. Son of Luiz de Oliveira and Maria Benedicta (de Miranda) L.

  • Education

    • Graduate Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, Lisbon, Portugal.


    • Diplomatic service of Brazil, various countries of Europe, in Japan and S. America, since 1890. 1st secretary of Embassy at Washington, 1896-1900. Visiting professor, Harvard, 1915-1916.

      Lectured in European and American universities Donated library of 40,000 vols. to Catholic U., Washington. Professor international law same university, 1923—.


    • Married Flora Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, of Pernambuco, November 28, 1891.
    • father: Luiz Lima
    • spouse: Flora Cavalcanti de Albuquerque
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    Born December 25, 1867
    Died March 24, 1928
    (aged 60)