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Seth Low

Seth Low, American educator, publicist.


  • Low, Seth was born on January 18, 1850 in Brooklyn. Son of Abiel Abbot and Ellen Almira (Dow) Low.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Columbia, 1870. (Doctor of Laws, Amherst, 1889, U. State of New York, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Trinity, 1890, Princeton, 1896, Yale, 1901, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1910).


    • Judge Benjamin R. Curtis, December 9, 1880. Clerk, and later partner, in his father’s tea-importing house. Mayor of Brooklyn, 1881-1885, elected on independent ticket.

      Unsuccessful candidate for mayor Greater New York, 1897. President Columbia University, 1890-1901 (trustee, 1881-1914). Mayor of Greater New York, January 1, 1902-December 31, 1903.

      Delaware Peace Conference at The Hague, 1899. Trustee Carnegie Institution, Washington. Home: New York, New York.


    • Married Annie Wroe Scollay, d.
    • father: Abiel Abbot Low
    • mother: Ellen Almira (Dow) Low
    • spouse: Annie Wroe Scollay
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    Born January 18, 1850
    Died September 17, 1916
    (aged 66)