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John Fielding Whedon

John Fielding Whedon, American advertising executive. Served with United States Army, 1918.; Member Sigma Chi.; Mason.


  • Whedon, John Fielding was born on December 23, 1899 in Lake Company, Florida, United States. Son of Daniel Denison and Harriet (Fielding) Whedon.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Univercity California, 1922.


    • ; children—John Fielding, Daniel Denison. Married second, Sonya Edgar, October 8, 1954. Advertising salesman for Hearst Magazines, 1922-1923, Pacific Coast manager, 1923-1924.

      Vice president, manager Lord & Thomas, San Francisco, 1934-1939, executive vice-president, director, Chicago, 1939-1942. Vice president, manager Young & Rubicam, Inc., Chicago, 1948-1956, member Executive Committee, New York City, since 1956.


    Social norms that assume different standards for women than for men in marriage are outdated and should be rejected. Laws in civil society should define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.


    The objective people wish to attain is not merely to be saved from something. God wishes his children to be saved to something.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Small groups inside the Methodist Church should be developed. Thus all members of “societies” could receive support and be challenged in their faith.


    Served with United States Army, 1918. Member Sigma Chi.; Mason. Clubs: Chicago, Tavern (Chicago.


    • Married Charlotte Hesser, March 9, 1923 (divorced 1951).; married second, Sonya Edgar, October 8, 1954. Children: John Fielding, Daniel Denison.
    • father: Daniel Denison Whedon
    • mother: Harriet (Fielding) Whedon
    • spouses: Charlotte Hesser
    • Sonya Edgar
    • children: John Fielding Whedon
    • Daniel Denison Whedon
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    Born December 23, 1899
    Died April, 1969
    (aged 69)