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William Strickland

William Strickland, American architect, engineer. member American Philos.


  • Strickland, William was born in 1787 in Philadelphia, circa. Son of John Strickland. Designed Masonic Temple (his 1st major building), Philadelphia (socalled Gothic), 1810, also Custom House (1st in the United States), Philadelphia, 1819, Bank of the United States, 1824, Merchants.

    Exchange, Philadelphia, 1834, New Chestnut St. Theatre, Philadelphia, United States Mint, 1829.

  • Career

    • Made survey for a railroad between Wilmington, Del.


    • Author: Tomb of Washington at Mount Vernon (report), 1840.


    Member American Philos.


    • father: John Strickland. Designed Masonic Temple Strickland
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    Born 1787
    Died April 6, 1854
    (aged 67)