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George Washington Kramer

George Washington Kramer, American architect. member Kramer & Weary, 1885-1894; member George W. Kramer & Son.


  • Kramer, George Washington was born on July 9, 1847 in Ashland, Ohio, United States. Son of Daniel and Susannah (Baughman) Kramer.

  • Education

    • Educational public schools. Studied architecture privately, and as contractor 5 years.


    • Began practice at Ashland, 1873. Partner of Jacob Snyder (widely known as designer of churches), 1879-1885. Member Kramer & Weary, 1885-1894.

      Removed to New York City, 1894. Was member George W. Kramer & Son. Retired. Architect of over 2,000 chs. and consulting or associate architect for many more.

      Prize for model S.S. building plans, World’s Fair, Chicago, 1893. Home: East Orange, New Jersey.


    Member Kramer & Weary, 1885-1894. Member George W. Kramer & Son.


    • Married Harriet Estelle Blackman, 1870 (died 1904). Children: Ella Estelle (deceased), George Lee, Lora Odessa.
    • father: Daniel Kramer
    • mother: Susannah (Baughman) Kramer
    • spouse: Harriet Estelle Blackman
    • children: Ella Estelle Kramer (deceased)
    • George Lee Kramer
    • Lora Odessa Kramer
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    Born July 9, 1847
    Died October 20, 1938
    (aged 91)